Sunday, 21 September 2014

Feeling Grill At Ease

Feeling like a simple meal? A grilled cheese sandwich is as simple it can get; yet no other sandwich has as many possible variations. Have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack. There is no wrong time for a grilled cheese sandwich. Have it with a coffee or juice or beer or even wine. Imagine what wine you can have with a Grilled Gorgonzola and Bresaola Sandwich.

I had some leftover bacon grease, jalapeno bread, monterey jack cheese, cranberry and rhubarb sauce in the fridge and I thought, "That will result in 6 heavenly bites." Obviously you can make any alterations as you like, but this really came together well.

A little tip when making grilled cheese: I like to lightly fry the cheese in the pan to cut the edge off the cheese. Once you add it to the bread, be sure the cheese is fully melted.

The temperature of your stove top can range from medium-low to medium, depending on your pan and elements. I'm sure you already know the temp you need to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. If you do not, start with medium low and allow your bread to brown.

I like using cast iron for grilled cheese. I swear to you it makes a huge difference in the flavour and it adds to the rustic quality of your food. If you don't own one, either buy one or ask your grandmother for hers.

Grilled Monterey Jack Sandwich with Cilantro and Cranberry

2 Tbs of Butter (but I used bacon fat leftover from breakfast)
4 Slices of Jalapeno Cheese Bread
4 Slices of Monterey Jack Cheese (it was about 80 g for people who weigh)
2 Tbs. Cranberry Sauce or Peach Preserve
10 Leaves of Cilantro, ripped into small pieces
Tabasco Sauce to Taste (I used 5 - 6 drops and it had enough heat for me)

Heat cast iron pan skillet on your stove top at medium to medium-low heat.

Spread fat on one side of the bread. Spread cranberry sauce and Tabasco sauce on one side of the opposite side of the bread. Lay greased side down on hot pan. Sprinkle ripped cilantro on bread and add cheese. Allow to brown for 2 minutes. Close the sandwich and allow cheese to melt.

Remove from heat and serve immediately.

Serves 2.

A Humble Chef's tip: some pork with this would be nice, but then again we did use bacon grease to brown the bread. It really adds a nice smoky flavour. 

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